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Useful iPhone shortcuts to save your time

Iphone shortcuts

There are a lot of iPhone users in the world and the numbers are increasing constantly. People are usually not aware of the shortcuts which help them to perform tasks in less time. If you make use of the right shortcuts, then you will find it very easy to access the required functions. Some highly productive features are hidden in different places which you can find out after use and save your precious time.

Some of the very useful shortcuts for iPhone users are as follows:


Shortcut for Emergency

This is one of the most important shortcuts introduced in iOS 11. If you find yourself in trouble then you tap on the power button of your mobile 5 times and get the menu of emergency. Once you activate, you can get a call for help option. Paramedics get able to get access to the medical ID of the specific user. You need to set your medical ID in health app to utilize this useful service.


Getting a screenshot

You can take a screenshot by pressing home and power buttons simultaneously in iPhone 8 and earlier models. A screenshot prompt gets appeared in bottom left corner in the iOS 11 and later versions. You need to press side and volume up buttons simultaneously in iPhone X and screenshot prompt appears in bottom left corner.

control center

Shortcut for Control Center

You can access the common settings through the control center. Control center comes through the swipe of screen button. Menu can be seen which is divided into multiple categories. You can see airplane mode in top left along with the Bluetooth and wifi.  You can also use the 3D touch for the media receivers which may include headphones and Apple TV.

Shortcut for getting around

You can return towards the top of list, note or webpage through the tap of current time and top of the screen. You can swipe in the direction from right to left if you want to return to previous menu or webpage. You can also utilize 3D touch from left of screen.

Shortcut for home screen and navigation

You can easily navigate to the home screen keeping in mind the spotlight. You can also swipe down on home screen for doing different things on your phone. You can use settings, content or emails through this shortcut.

Shortcut to undo last activity

You need to shake your phone in order to undo the last activity. You can use this shortcut for the deletions or the typing mistakes.

keyboard settings

Shortcut for typing and keyboard

You can use the keyboard to control cursor if your phone provides support for the 3D. iOS keyboards offer you great accents, symbols and characters. You can jump to installed keyboard to access the settings by tapping and holding the button of emoji.

Shortcut for text expansion

This shortcut is perfect for the creation of your personalized text based shortcuts. You can create a snippet for email address. You can save your time by typing on large interface rather than typing on little touch screen. You can also create different expansions or the home address, email and other settings according to your need. Create personalized shortcuts with the settings then general then keyboard and then text replacement.

All these shortcuts are very useful, but you cannot think of them as the end of productivity. It is always a good idea to properly manage and organize the apps and save precious time through the custom workflows. Workflow is an application which was purchased by App and it’s free of cost. It helps you to manage common tasks and you can easily launch them from the today screen. If you want to have complete information about workflow, then get its manual and you can also use these useful shortcuts to save your time.