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Top of the line 5 Keyboard android applications

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Basics of the mobile phones remain same even if they get advanced. Mobile phones are usually used for the basic tasks like texts or calling. Keyboards of the smart phones were not very responsive earlier but now companies have improved and keyboards are easy to use now. Keyboard applications are still widely used and people who don’t like the default keyboards can make use of these applications for their best advantage. Some of the best keyboard applications for android phones are as follows:



Keyboard app by Google known as Gboard is available for the android users. It offered simple and effective design and it was renamed to Gboard from its earlier name Google keyboard. Simplicity lovers can enjoy using this application on their android phone.


Swift Key

It is recognized as the second most popular application after the Google Gboard. Swype keyboard was once the rival of this application but it was wiped off by swift key. Swift key offers everything perfect which a user needs in the keyboard application. You get word prediction which is powered by neural engine. Other features include cloud synching, swipe typing and the keyboard customizations according to the user liking.


Smart Keyboard Pro

This app is older than the Gboard. People with simple taste love smart keyboard pro due to its simplicity. It is fun to type a sentence by swiping over the keyboard but you face issues of accuracy. Smart keyboard pro offers simple design with features including predictions, auto correction and emoji etc. This application ensures the sentences accuracy unlike other apps.



It is a difficult task to make place in market when other apps are already there. Fleksy also find it difficult to make its place in market due to the popular swiftkey and the Gboard. The use different approach and introduced keyboard which offer minimum features but a large number of extensions. Simple and basic features include, gesture and swipe controls, meme and GIF support and the web search. You also get different options like customization and plenty of themes. It offers the best custom keyboard with more than 50 colorful themes. You also get three sizes of the keyboard. This application also offers more than 800 emoji and GIFs to offer fun to its users.


This app was launched initially as a clone of Gboard. Gboard offers dark or light theme only with no color options for keyboard. Chrooma was different as it can adapt any color which you are using on the application. It is also possible to change the color scheme in Chrooma app according to your liking other than the adaptive nature. Other features offered by this application include gesture typing support, GIF support and the emoji options. When you make use of the chrooma app, you also get very beautiful night mode and can also resize your keyboard.

If you are a keyboard apps lover and use android, then these applications are a must try for you. Try all of them and then choose the one which offer the best fun for you.