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Top 8 productivity apps to Perform well under enormous pressure



Pressure let the people get productivity out of them. Deadlines allow the people work faster. Although you may get some sort of stress and you feel that things are not getting done but in reality pressure help the people get the maximum out of their abilities. Some of the applications which help you to be more productive and do better work are as follows:

dangerous writing fade

The Most dangerous Pressure Writing App (TMDWA)

This app puts you under lots of pressure. It forces the people to keep on writing and if you stop the writing then your words fade out and screen gets red. You wait for the 5 seconds and everything gets deleted and a person must start again. This app offers great and entertaining tool for the writers as they can keep themselves motivated. You have an option to choose length of the session from 3 to the 60 minutes. If you enable the hardcore mode, then you will be unable to edit during the writing.      


Flowstate is an application which offers same functionality but it offers a better interface. You can download this application so you don’t need writing in the browser. When you use standalone application then it may be easier for you as browsers are sometimes distracting.

gone to do list


If you put something on the (to-do) list, then it doesn’t mean that you can tackle it properly. Sometimes we make use of the task lists to store the things which may take long periods and then get reminded about the level of procrastinating. You put task on the Gone and then it will get disappeared in the 20 to 24 hours. If any of you are unable to complete it the time, then it’s gone. It is also possible that account creation is done for signing in, as you can also access the list from different system or the mobile.

to do tet


Android app namely Tet gives you full day to complete the task instead of the 24 hours. All the tasks which are not complete till the day end will get deleted. There is also a score to give tension as each time you check any of the items from the list, counter moves one score ahead. When one task gets removed then the score decreases to one lower level. Tet tells the truth and you cannot pretend to be productive in a false way.

forest app


This application allows you to curb the smart phone addiction. Application receives an update which let you play with the friends and trees grow perfectly if every member has the app working and they don’t get distracted.

time app

Time 2

You can do a task add to the time and then tell the application about the task duration. Timer of the application goes down and a person sees the time which is left. In case of over time, application will notify you with an alarm to alert and then the counting gets started. You can have the time which took longer than the planned.  This application is not of very high pressure like the other ones, but it reminds the person of the missing deadline.

tab wrangler

Tab Wrangler

You can make the tabs of the browser disappear after specific time like the to-do lists. You need to set the time and then the tabs will go away after specific inactivity. It is also possible to get the tabs back but you can be motivated when you know that they can disappear after some time.

Carrot to-do

Carrot application don’t really put as much pressure as time based application, but it certainly bother you when you are unable to do something and it puts lot of pressure. This is a friendly app if you are totally productive and you check the things properly off of the list. You get a reminder when you are not getting anything done. There are other carrot application like the weather, fit and hunger which also employ as the personality referred as signature sassy.

Pressure and deadlines can stress you and they can help you in getting the things done. Tight deadlines can certainly revolutionize your productivity. You can try any one or all these applications if you want to be more productive through these applications. Improve your workout and start enjoying working in the pressure situations through these wonderful applications.