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Top 6 Most Remarkable and Crucial Android Settings


All of us have used android and many of us are using it now as well. Every one of us likes to know the settings and many may have overlooked the useful options. Android menus contain many submenus these days and you may find hard to explore all the options. Some of the options are very useful while others may not be of much use. Given below are the top 6 useful settings which may vary in the devices of different manufacturers:

Screen Magnification Setting

All of us usually come across small fonts and pictures during browsing. You can easily zoom in and take a closer look if you are looking at these fonts and pictures in windows or Mac OS. But on mobile, you may not get able to have the pinch-to-zoom gesture. You can enjoy the feature in the following way: Open Settings navigate to the Accessibility, System, and Magnification Gesture and then you need to slide in too on. When you enable the feature, then you can triple tap screen to zoom in and you need to navigate through drag of fingers around a display. You need to tap into triple times to come back to standard view.

Screen Colors Inverting Setting

Accessibility menu offers the feature to invert your screen colors along with many other features. It gives special advantage to the people with visual impairment, but it’s also useful for other people. You may find third-party apps for this purpose, but you can also use easy to use an alternative.

If you want to invert android screen then you need to open settings, accessibility, and display and then color inversion. You need to slide toggle into an on a position in order to start this procedure.

There are two caveats of this feature. Firstly, you may face the issue in the efficiency of your android device. Secondly, you don’t find any shortcut for this setting as you will need to go to settings each time to enable or disable this setting.

Printing Services Setting

Getting a document printed from android phone is always a good option. Google cloud print is part of the Android operating system; however, you cannot trust the reliability. You may not find efficiency in print jobs and they may even fail if you are using the old printer. You can easily add more printers to Android devices as plug-ins are available from many printer manufacturers. You can also use cross printer third-party apps.

You can add printer plug-in by following the path: Settings, Printing, Add Service. You can find a list of all the plug-ins and if you want to add a new one, then you can tap on the icon and install it.

Passwords Visibility Setting

You need to use a long password consisting of numbers and letters which may include upper and lower case characters.  It is good for security but a bit annoying practice if you are typing a long password each time on the device. You may find it difficult to type or may also make some mistake as you see stars or dots instead of the password. If you frequently make mistakes then you need to use this setting to make your password visible in plain text.

In order to make your password visible, you need to go to Settings, Security, Passwords, Make Passwords Visible and then you need to slide the toggle in the On position.

Billing Cycle Setting

You may get unlimited data allowance on a cell phone but some carriers also restrict the data allowance. If you make use of more data, then you have to pay the extra bill which is usually high. Best way to handle this situation is to set the billing cycle which allows you to monitor data which you are using over 30 days period and adjust it according to need.

For setting your bill date, you need to go to the Settings, Data Usage, and Billing Cycle. You can also select the menu for receiving warnings which you get close to the limit and you can also disable mobile data if you exceed the limit. You can also see a graph of data usage by tapping on the Data usage option in your device.

Touch and Hold Delay Setting

For this setting, you need to head back to accessibility menu. You can also change the time which you need to hold finger during a long press. If you frequently need to copy and paste the text, then this setting can help you in saving your precious time.

For making your selection in this setting, you need to open Settings app and navigate to the Accessibility, System, Touch and Hold Delay. The system will allow you to make a selection among the short, medium and long options for touch and hold delay setting for your android device.