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Top 5 Mobile Apps to beat procrastination and change your to do list

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To do list is a perfect one for managing tasks and it is also recommended by the productivity gurus. Some times to do list get out of control and you need to manage the things properly. Three strike systems are perfect in order to change the productivity tools and techniques periodically. You need to look at the tasks which are more important in your list. Some of the apps which can help you in scheduling you’re to do list properly are:


1. Timebound

This is an application which works on the deadline first principle. Deadline is the thing which is important for any task so this app timebound put the deadline first mechanism and consider task later. When you add a new task without deadline then the tasks will be arranged by the due deadline. Cards in this app show the time which is left to complete the task and if you don’t finish the task on time then it is added to miss tab. Nice and perfect way to prioritize the task list is to enable the notifications for application so you can get idea about the ongoing work.

my progress

2. My Progress

It is simple to do app which works in the browser tab. Many people don’t need complicated application with the reminders, sub folders and the deadlines. You don’t need to sign up to make use of this application. You need to add the task and then check it off when the task is done. When the check is done, then the task gets different color and gets to the bottom of list. You can see finished tasks through the progress bar and notification depicts the unfinished tasks. A bar at the top gives the idea of how much time is left to finish work. This application works on the mobile phone as site can turn in to an app and you can use it as you’re to do list on phone.

to do tet

3. Tet (To do list for 24 hours)

Productive minds usually think of one task list for a day. This is an application which is based on the principle of not carrying tasks on next day. This app works with android and you add the tasks for current day. List is cleared at the midnight and you need to take a fresh start next day. Simplicity of this application makes it perfect for use with other apps for the android platform. You can use this app for the daily chores and the other main to do app can help you in managing the long term tasks.

to do check

4. Check

This app does not work on the 24 hour time limit but it also let the tasks disappear after a certain time. You need to set deadline for all the items on the to-do list. Tasks don’t disappear forever in this app like the tet. You can see the tasks in the missed tasks folder and can also re add them to the to-do list.


5. Lanes

People who don’t like daily schedules don’t find the above apps to be very good. Lanes is an application which gives an ability to plan ahead for the coming week. It offers a built in pomodoro timer. This application offers three views which include the daily list, weekly planner and the calendar. Weekly planner is the perfect way to sort out what you need to accomplish in coming days. When you add the tasks you can set them to repeat for each day in week. Tasks can be labeled as well for perfect categorization. You also get separate lists with the planner and these lists are for the tasks which don’t fit in a day but you need to do them at some point of time. Lanes provide a great dashboard for everything which you need to do.

These are the top to do applications which allow you to reassess the task management and you can be more productive easily. There are other applications which can be used for this purpose as well. You need to try each one of them before taking the final decision about using the best application for managing your to-do list.