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Top 11 Games To Enhance Your Mental Smartness

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Gaming certainly attracts lot of people. People of all ages are inclined towards different kinds of games. Other than the recreational games, there are some games which make people smarter. They allow you to exercise various mental skills and give you great time. Some of the best games for this purpose are:

super mario bros

Game 1: Super Mario Brothers

According to neurological research study, Super Mario Brothers highly improves the neural plasticity if a person plays it for around 30 minutes daily. When you guide Mario and Luigi through various levels then you need to use your brain for strategic planning and working memory. This game is perfect for the people with schizophrenia and other such disorders.


Game 2: Scrabble

You can claim mad language skills to people if you play scrabble well. Expert players are good in the semantic de-emphasis and the vertical fluency. You can learn the skills to present the words in vertical fashion and you can also improve your ability to handle response. Better word recognition is the thing which you can learn from this game.


Game 3: Fit Brains

Game owners claim that you highly improve concentration and memory by playing this game for 15 to 20 minutes for 5 to 6 days a week. It is good for the mental diseases like Alzheimer and Parkinson.


Game 4: Chess

Benefits of playing chess can never be underestimated. Chess players get good grades in reading scores. It improves mathematical skills and allow person to better recognize objects and patterns. Chess playing is part of the curricula in schools in more than 20 countries like Iceland and Russia.


Game 5: Mahjong

Mahjong is game which includes 144 tiles on the Chinese symbols and characters. It helps the adults with dementia to improve cognitive functions. This game is also believed to highly improve memory, mathematics, and social skills.

Game 6: Tetris

This game makes use of the brain activity tracking technologies and offer activities which certainly lead towards the high brain efficiency. This game is a perfect partner if you are looking for habit reduction or weight management plan.


Game 7: Monopoly

Monopoly is the game which can help you in learning the art of negotiations. You can also learn about the concept of diversification. Students can learn statistical and arithmetic skills while they can also learn the way of managing money and expenses.


Game 8: Lumosity

This game is believed to be an alternative for the fit brains. You can get 40 different games which help in increasing attention, memory, flexibility of mind, problem solving and other related things. You also get the personalized reports about what is perfect for you and what you need to play next.

Little Big Planet

Game 9: Little Big Planet

Little Big Planet is perfect if you find Lumosity a game for elders. It requires critical thinking and creativity which can give a perfect exercise to your mind. You find different versions of this game but every version is perfect for skills development. You can also make custom levels in this game. You get an amazing and exciting opportunity to make your own game levels.


Game 10: Charades

You can let your brain workout a bit by playing this living room game. It lets you decode and use gestures for the communication which gives a good exercise of simulation and mentalization to your brain. You can use these benefits when you try to guess different charades. You can learn the ways to make a perfect sense from a new set of information. When you play role play, then you get an ability to put yourself in different people shoes and make a perfect mental exercise.

Professor Layton Series

Game 11: Professor Layton Series

This is popular saga for gaming platform of Nintendo DS. It has beautiful animation sequences for you and you get addictive to it because of perfectly designed and beautiful brain testing busters. More than 60 percent of the players claim that mental challenge is the most preferred aspect of this game. Different logic challenges keep you playing more and you can increase difficulty levels as well. Starters can play with easy levels while experts can advance towards the difficult levels. Before making a specific purchase, you also have an option to test few puzzles.

These are some of the games which are not only the source of entertainment, but also provide a good exercise to the mind. You can feel relaxed and can also have the mental exercise through these games. Selection of any one of these games is purely a personal choice. You can choose the one which is more close to your interest. We have given the list to provide you the idea of all these games. Selection to play any game is purely the person’s own choice.