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Sony Coming With A Bang To Challenge Xbox And Nintendo With Ps 5 Release


PS 5 is soon going to be release by Sony and many reports are coming that it will offer many key features to challenge the rivals including Nintendo and Xbox. Current consoles of Sony have gained lot of popularity including the PS 4 and PS 4 Pro. Although many analysts have an opinion that PS 5 will not be released before 2020, but few believe that it will be released soon. There is a new that PS 5 devkits are sent to the 3rd party developers which may give early news of its release. There are many indications about the different features and things which will be included in PS5. Sony will look to expand the successes enjoyed by PS 4 in the market. Recent reports suggest that they are few areas which will be focused like:

Play station Plus Service Enhancements and Upgrades

Play station plus subscription services has seen many games in last few months. Sony may provide AAA games to their fans and they may think to give boost to the PS Plus service. These changes will help them to grow subscribers and let the people enjoy more advanced services. Sony Management revealed that they want to enhance content which is on offer in Play station Plus.

Backwards Compatibility of PS4

Sony may give an option to play games of PS4 on PS 5 which will be very good. Sony Interactive Entertainment America has updated US patent which indicate that PS 5 will offer this service. Backwards compatibility is a good option to give tough time to the competitors and rivals. Although it is reported that Sony is testing backwards compatibility option in PS 5 but that can only be assured once it is officially announced.

Play Station Virtual Reality 2 (VR 2)

Compatibility option with the existing PSVR headset will help the current users getting upgrade to PS5. Hardware upgrade is needed to make sure that play station VR console works on the next console. It can be the main selling point for PS5. Virtual Reality can be the top selling point of PS5 and there are different opinions in that regard. Virtual reality is essential to give it a perfect touch and make it really amazing for the people. Many people find it annoying to buy new console so they may want to buy it or not. Play station 5 and PSVR are considered essential together to ensure that success of PS 5 in the coming years. PSVR was released in the October of 2016 and it offers cheap enter point to the Virtual reality world as compared to the PC headsets like the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift. It is still to be seen that Sony will use which approach which approach with the PSVR 2 and they offer expensive or the cheap headset for the people. Obviously cheap one will make it easy for more buyers to make a purchase rather than too costly headset.

These are just the guesses and speculations in the market as the date and features have not been announced officially yet. Let’s wait for the official announcement to see how much difference Sony can create with this all new PS5 in the intense competitive market.