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Samsung may come up with new exciting phone design as compared to iPhone


Sources claim that Samsung is going to launch the mysterious galaxy X phone for the users. Earlier the company was of the opinion that it may launch smart phone which will offer the foldable display. Company may look for the best features before releasing the Galaxy X. As per the report, phone will offer 3.5 inch screen and it will offer two 3.5 inch displays. When you open the phone, then the screen area will be approximately 6 inches. Galaxy X can be a perfect android device if this phone will be able to properly manage OLED panel. Slim mobile will be a great option but if it’s heavy then people will not like it. Battery life can also be compromised due to the bad aspect ratio. Samsung is working on the design which will offer some radical changes not seen before in any mobile device.

If Samsung can manage all the exciting features with the size that can be managed in pocket, then it will be great. This phone can really be one of the most amazing smart phones which any android user has ever witnessed. Samsung phone may offer the perfect transparent display which will light up screen and you can also use it as the normal smart phone. Some portions in the screen may show you the graphics while others will be transparent. This will certainly offer the augmented reality experience which has never been experienced on any of the android devices.

Samsung first came up with the functional displays offers transparent in 2015. Company is consistently working on the technology to surprise the market and the users. It is not yet confirmed that the transparent display will be offered some time soon. Samsung may not launch a phone with the transparent display as it may require new patents altogether. There are many rumors in the market but things will only be cleared when the phone is launches. Let’s hope that this new smart phone will offer the best features which we have not seen before in any android device.