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Paid Iphone Apps Available For Free Download


If you are fed up of the paid iPhone apps, then you need to check out these applications for sale. They are available for free for a limited time and no timeline for free download is finalized. You need to grab this opportunity and download these paid apps for free.


App 1- Vectornator Pro

It is one of best applications to design vector graphics. You can design perfect graphics through a set of tools which are available for everyone. Application offers intuitive usability, user friendliness and an outstanding performance to offer fast and easy designing. Interface of this application is perfect for the touch screen and multi touch gesture is also supported. You also get support for the keyboard shortcuts if you like to use them. This is the perfect application to create illustrations from any place. You get an outstanding smooth performance and can easily use rotating and scaling functionalities.  

It offer various exciting features like blur elements, custom fonts, split screen support, pressure sensitive brush tools and many others. You can import files in the SVG, JPG, PNG and PDF formats. Export of files can be done in SVG, PNG, PDF and JPEG formats.


App 2- Shoonya Farm Animals: Languages

This is very beautiful and stunning application for the children. They can learn various languages through it and get exposure to the different cultures. You find various interactions for the different age groups and it is also possible to integrate learning styles in the application. Main motive behind this app is to entertain the children with beautiful images like animal characters and others.


App 3- Sleep Sounds: relaxing sounds

This application let you record different sounds with the high quality stereo condenser microphones. It offers plenty of sounds like teddy bear music box, morning forest, creek in forest, heavy rain, thunder and others. You can listen to a wide range of relaxing sounds through this mobile application.


App 4- Hitman Sniper

This app is perfect for the adventurous lovers and it offers you a chance to become an ultimate silent assassin. You can use your strategic skills and complete the best assassination. It tests your accuracy and execution speed with perfection. You keep on uncovering the secrets and subterfuges in order to make a perfect strategy for the assassination. Keep eliminating the targets and unlock the powerful rifles for more fun.


App 5- unText it

If you have ever regretted to send a wrong text then this application gives you a second chance to take your words back. This application does not show on the home screen as it will only show up within the iMessages.


App 6- Tiny Runner

This is an endless running game. You need to tap screen for jumping and avoid the obstacles during your run. You can have an exciting and adventurous journey through this game. Have the random and endless tracks. This application offer different roles with the simple controls. This is an HD optimized application for the perfect retina resolution.


App 7- Dog Park Finder Plus

You can get more than 6000 dog parks and beaches along with many dog friendly restaurants. Advance search option in this application allows you to get the current and its nearby locations, nearby cities and zip code. It offers the local god parks and you can get the search results both in map and the list pages. Details are also available including user ratings, time of operations, fenced and un-fenced markers and other things. You can also email the locations to your friends and perform other cool functions in this app.


App 8- Costom Notch

You can modify your wallpaper in order to adjust it on your iPhone. You can also see screenshots for superb results. This application offer more than 60 styles for your use and it also more than 80 wallpapers. You need to choose the photo, then adjust it, save it and set it as the wallpaper of your mobile. Give a new look to your wallpaper through this application.