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Manage Your Battery Perfectly With The Latest Iphone Update


Apple has come up with the latest software update for iPhone which offers a deep visibility to your own health along with failing handset battery. Free update can be easily fetched on the phone through Settings, then Genera then Software and then Update the device. Latest version also offer augmented reality capabilities and a chat function which allow direct communication to the business. Let’s discuss two main features now which are long being waited for by the iPhone users.

Battery Health Feature

If you want to use this feature, then you need to start through Settings, tap the Battery and then you need to tap the Battery Health. It shows measure of battery in comparison to the one when it was new. Expressed as percentage, performance management feature is a perfect feature. You can see option to turn it off and the feature will come to working if device crash with week battery. There is no option to turn off feature which has not turned on yet. If battery is in reduced state, then you get message of that effect and performance is applied to prevent this from happening again. You need to tap disable if that message appears. If you will disable the option once then you cannot manually turn the power management on until the phone crash again as it will enable the feature automatically.

If you are using iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or X Model, then you have an advanced power management feature which let iOS to anticipate and prevent unexpected shutdown. This will certainly have less negative effect on performance.

Medical Health Records Feature

It is certainly a source of headache for many people to chase the medical records. iOS 11.3 update easily handle the medical records epidemic through update in the health records section within health application. User can view all the related medical records in a single place in his/her iPhone. You can keep all records in one place in phone and navigate to the section of records when you tap at the health data icon on the screen lower side.

When you tap on the screen, you can search for medical services provider on the basis of hospital name, location or the network and you can also choose from the list of app surfaces providers. If you or your relative is patient, then you can easily search for plenty of clinics and hospitals and   see the medical records right from your phone.


You need to tap the institution in order to select it. Sign in with the user ID and password and you need to make use of same credentials for the patient portal of hospital. You will not have to enter the credentials again as the newly improved health application will look for the updated medical records on weekly basis and you can get notifications whenever there is some new data. Notifications will not reveal any private data and you need to open the application in order to view the numbers. Doctors can with hold the submission of few records and they can go over the results with you.


These new features have really attracted people and will continue to do so. It is hoped in the market that these new and improved features will capture more users for the iPhone and people will turn towards iOS rather than android. You must have got useful information about these features from this article. If you need more information in this regard, you can write to us and we will be happy to guide you further in this regard.