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Let Your Photos Shine With The Best Photo Editing Android App

Let your Photos Shine with the best photo Editing Android App

Mobile phone trends are changing and advanced cameras are increasingly being deployed in new smartphones. State of the art cameras and social platforms like Instagram gives a chance to ordinary people to portray themselves and gather a huge audience. Some people also make photography as a basis for their career. No matter how much advanced the cameras are, you still photo editing apps to make the photos stand out. You can easily find a top quality photo editing app for android without paying any charges. There are many mobile apps in market, so you need to choose the right photo editing add which can work for you.


Some of the photos editing apps according to their notable mentions are as follows:

Snapseed: Most Efficient and preferred Photo Editing App

Some people may expect Adobe Photoshop like veterans are best suitable for the photos editing but Snapseed is not behind at all. This android mobile app is a go to photo editor and most of the top tech fellows consider Snapseed as their favourite Android photo editing app. This app is not only about applying the filters but it’s the last impressive feature. Users can fine-tune their pictures through the use of brushes and spot editing. User can also specify the contrast increase and can also select image portion to be de-saturated. This app not only offers the advanced tools but you can easily use after figuring out the settings. You find this app ad-free and that’s the reason people love this app. Snapseed is a simple user-friendly app offering incredibly powerful interface and it’s free as well.

Although Snapseed is a really good photo editing android app, but there are other apps which stand out in many other aspects. You can find filters, fixes and other advanced features in other apps.

Adobe Photoshop Express: Remarkable Filters Option

Adobe Photoshop express is definitely one of the really good android photo editing apps, but it lacks the features of spot editing and brushes. Many photographers find it difficult to use without these features. But this app certainly offers great photo filters. Many apps offer filters as a side though but Photoshop express gives special consideration through unique enhancements like Duo Tone filters and a plethora of B and W filters. You can also find other useful features in this app. People who do not use Snapseed can make use of this app. You can also find collage feature which saves the time of downloading a separate collage app.

Main drawback is that you find several Photoshop apps on play store including Photoshop Sketch and Photoshop Mix. You need to use different app for different features rather than getting all the features in one comprehensive android photo editing app.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom: Most Suitable App for Experienced people

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is perfect for the users with photo-editing experience unlike Photoshop express which is good for fast and easy editing.  People who have not used Instagram filters may find this app difficult but they can manage if they can adjust curve levels, luminance and other features. This app focuses on the certain aspects and you can edit usual settings like brightness and saturation. You can also adjust luminance and can change the white balance as well. Main drawback of this app is that it offers selective editing as many features are locked behind a pay wall.

Google Photos: Perfect App for Quick fixes

Google Photos comes pre-installed and it backs up the photos to cloud. This app is perfect for quick fixes which can make photos very attractive. Pop slider can offer vitality and boldness to the photos. You can make sure of in depth functionality and can also adjust different features of photos. You can make use of this photo editing app to transform these pictures.

Photo Lab: Get fun out of editing

Photo Lab is perfect for the people who like to play and have fun with pictures. This app lets you apply the artistic filters and these filters let you add a different art style to your pictures. You can also have fun through the selfie overlays and other filters. Face recognition feature allows you to aggregate all pictures in gallery which include face. You can select filter and then select the photo which you want to edit. You can also use this app to transform picture to ridiculous characters by adding dog ears and other such things. It also offer photographic effect filters including thermal imaging and the double exposure.

Main drawback of this app is advertisements. You also get a watermark on image if you make use of the free version. Watermarks can be removed through upgrading or through an advertisement.

Every app has its own merits and demerits and you can choose the one which suits best to your requirements. A perfect use of the right photo editing app can let you achieve the perfect photos according to your desire.