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Hide Pictures In iOS, iPhone or iPad

hide pictures in iPhone

iPhone users have the knowledge that it is easy to hide pictures in iPhone without any specific requirement of the third party apps. If you use iPhone with iOS 8 or later version then you can launch photos app, then select the specific photo or video, use share button and choose option of hide. You can get the specific media file hidden through this option. Functionality of Native iOS feature is limited. Hidden items are available if your phone is unlocked and you don’t have extra protection on your personal photos. If you want extra protection on your photos, then you need to make use of the following 5 applications.

hide pictures in iPhone Private Photo App

App Number 1- Private Photo Vault Pro

This is one of the top rated applications for this purpose. It offers you decoy password and break in report features to offer you safety for videos and photos. Feature of break in report provides you captured screenshot of anyone who tries to access vault. You also get the knowledge of GPS location of this happening. Decoy Password is the feature which you can give to any friend to access the folder. This application import the media from photos and you also have an option to take photos in the app. You also get photo editing and web browser through this app. You can hide photos and videos through pattern, pin number of the dot locks. Developers of this application claim that photos are stored only in your device and they are not shared with their services. If you have any ambiguity, then you can first download the free version and then get an upgrade version later through in app purchase.

hide pictures in iPhone Best Secret Folder

App Number 2- Best Secret Folder

This app let you add videos and photos to make safe or you can also capture pictures through the app. You can protect the required content through pattern or password. You can also safeguard you important files other than the visual media. You can embed hidden messages and get an alarm if someone tries to access the hidden files. You can get record of successful, unsuccessful logins, pin change and other such things. It is also possible to get alerts of all these things. This app allows you to create unlimited albums and you can protect unlimited photos through this app.

hide pictures in iPhone Picture Vault

App Number 3- Picture Vault

Touch ID offers a perfect way to hide photos and videos from other people. This application offers decoy password feature for effective usage. You can easily move the files between different folders and send these files through MMS and email. It has search feature to let you search quickly and move the pictures. Multiple user support is offered by this application and you can manage the files efficiently. You can also use background music while photos. This app makes use of the server to save the content. Creators and developers of the app can see the stuff which you store on their server.

hide pictures in iPhone Photo Vault Keepsafe

App Number 4- Keepsafe

Keepsafe application offers you something more than just hiding your photos and videos. You can easily preserve your crucial IDs, credit cards, documents and licenses etc. Integrated camera feature allows you to easily integrate capture the moments. You can access the files if you install keepsafe on any platform. You can use the free version but if you access the premium version then you an easily access the smart features of this application.

hide pictures in iPhone Secret photos KYMS

App Number 5- KYMS (Keep Your Media Safe)

This application offers military grade encryption to hide the multimedia, documents, passwords and other files as per requirement. It offers multi tab web browser and a built-in downloader to detect video. All the downloaded files are encrypted and they it also decrypt the files in the real time. You get support for the 4 digit pin code, touch ID, and alphanumeric password. It also has gesture control which let you place hand on the screen and close smart cover. It is also possible to create private database containing passwords and pins. Premium users can have the liberty to import the phonebook contacts and they can also create new contacts. You can handle bank, loyalty, debit and credit card numbers through wallet available in application.

If you search, you also find many other applications to hide your media files. Top most concern must be to secure and save your photos and videos. You need to be sure that the app developers do not store your photos and videos. If you are concerned about the security of your photos and want to hide them, then the above mentioned applications are perfectly suitable for you. Use these apps not only to hide your photos, but also to hide other important information according to the requirements and your liking. Premium versions allow you to enjoy more features of all these apps.