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Getter better results of PUBG on Mobile than your expectation

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I am a big fan of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds game and playing it with my friends from many months. I am not an expert but I really have a fun and tense experience while playing this game. I with my friends started playing the Chinese version of PUBG which is titled as Exhilarating Battlefield. Tencent purchased the rights for the publication of PUBG for the mobile phones. Mobile version may be available outside China in near future.

PUBG was not good when it came to the first scene on Xbox One and it certainly does not give polished experience. I was of the view point that it’s difficult to get a PC game to the underpowered console of Mobile. But I must say that the mobile version is very good. Graphics are bit downgraded as compared to the PC version. You see the empty buildings, blurry textures and the low level geometry. Overall experience is good as you do not notice these glitches on the small screen. New mobile devices give good results with better resolution.

Controls of the touch screen are good. You find plenty of thoughtful and smart additions like you can lock run in the specific direction. You can shout out during the aiming as you find fire buttons on every side of the screen. Crucial actions like closing doors and looting are more user friendly on mobile version as compared to Personal Computer Version. You find a game to be same like X Box version if you talk about the content. You see one map but don’t have the chance to valut the obstacles. Other tweaks are green blood, minimap for the auditory indications like gunfire and the footsteps. The pacing of the game is changing but you find many rounds of more than 30 minutes duration.

Prominent different from other versions is bots presence which is given to let players grip game. You get players to bots ratio increased with the top levels and different is also clear. Bots are dumb and they are slow in flights. People may get disappointed when they play first time. But designers of this game have really made a good experience for the people. There are few competitors like Fotnite Battle Royale. These games have really gained the attention of the people and mobile versions are also getting popularity like the PC versions.

It is really a good experience to play these monster PC games on Mobile phones. You get to enjoy these powerful games on the small screens of mobile phones. There are few issues of features and quality but they will get improved with the passage of time. Games are entering in to a new era where they can enjoy their favorite games on their mobiles through the mobile versions. Many people may find it easy to play these games on mobiles. No matter which game is your favorite, it is always a good idea to check out its mobile version and start having a new experience.