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Get Futuristic Look Of Mobile Gaming Through Fortnite On Iphone X


People usually play fortnite on gaming PCs or Xbox one X, but I and my friends played on iPhone X. We wanted to give it a try so we installed fortnite app for the iOS platform to get the best idea of the mobile performance. Now more and more games are coming to mobile to let the people enjoy these amazing games on the mobiles. As far as our experience is concerned, Fortnite runs pretty well in the phone and I find it perfectly suitable for the platform. I find it a great experience to run a pc game on the tine screen of the phone. Size is around 2 GB which is pretty good for running a game like this. It offer cartoon like graphics which makes it good to run on the mobile and give good impression on the small screen.

I tried the game on iPhone X and its performance is satisfactory on this device. But you may not get good experienced if you play it on the older versions/devices. Issues may get resolved when Fortnite gets available for the different android and iOS players. Most important thing in gaming is controls. Sometimes you don’t get the best results when you have to deal with the touch screen instead of keyboard or mouse. This game offers on screen buttons which are used for the jumping, ducking and also for the building or items selection. You also get joystick for the navigation and can also use thumb to move around. Right thumb can be used for the aiming. You may find controls bit clunky but you may get used to it. You may find these controls working good on the large display of iPad. Autorun can be done through double tap on joystick and you can get direction control through right thumb.

You may find aiming a bit awkward because of aim button. You can find it challenging to aim at the moving players without mouse. If you are playing with the mobile players then it is okay otherwise you may find difficulty with the PC players. Cross play matchmaking may be in future but still distance is difficult to aim at mobile. It is amazing that game is similar to PC versions other than controls. You may find some little difference like footsteps of the enemies. You may find it good if you are playing without the headphones. You can see white on screen indicator when distance is near to the other player and red indicator show gunfire direction.

All the minor modifications and changes provide you fun to play game on mobile. You don’t get storm hunting for different players. You don’t get the controls support unfortunately but it may arrive soon like few other games. Fortnite is getting popularity and it is really giving tough competition to the PUBG. You find these games perfect for all the platforms and company is moving quickly to mobile. This game is free to play on PC. Xbox One, Play Station and now you can also play on the mobile. PUBG is somewhat limited to Xbox One and the PC.

New mobile version will obviously get the attraction of many people and we may see competitions among the PC and phone players. More and more games may be mobile friendly in the future and we may have the opportunity to enjoy these amazing games in different mobile devices.  Games will enjoy this new era and definitely make new records for challenging others. Let’s celebrate this new era by enjoying these amazing games on our mobile phones.