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Expected new features of Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Galaxy Note 9

Samsung has not really revealed the features of Galaxy note 9 but it is expected to be a follow up of the Note 8. It may also improve and offer the exciting new features. Some of the expected features of Galaxy Note 9 are as follows:


Invisible and Embedded Fingerprint sensor

This smart phone may offer embedded fingerprint sensor. Some rumors are also in the market that it may offer an in screen finger print scanner. This feature has not been finalized so let’s see what Samsung offer for its users.

Newly developed Skin

Galaxy Note 9 may offer new skin in order to differentiate the phone with the other devices available in the market. Note phones are already different from the other phones of Samsung due to the S pen Stylus feature.

Improved S Pen

Company has not given the specifics but may improve S pen in this new mobile. Improvements are expected due to the increasing complaints of unresponsiveness in the S pen.

High Power Battery

This new Galaxy Note 9 may offer powerful battery of 3,850 mA battery as compared to the battery of 3,300 batteries available in the note 8. It can really improve the performance as well as the daily usage capacity of the people who will use this device.

High resolution Camera

High resolution camera will be offered in the Galaxy Note 9. It may offer dual lens and may always come with some minor improvements and attractions.

Exceptional Bixby 2.0

Samsung is planning to offer exciting and new Bixby with this new mobile phone. You are going to get natural sounding voice and it will offer with the smart devices including the smart speakers, appliances and the TVs. Recent Bixby is lagging behind the other phones so this feature may offer great usability.

It is expected that Samsung will announce Galaxy Note 9 in the upcoming July or the August. Many features are yet to be announced and confirmed, but you need to be sure before deciding to purchase this phone.