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Detailed Overview Of The Apple New iOS 11.3 Update


Apple has now come up with its long awaited and anticipated update. This update includes the feature which offers a simple and easy way to disable the iPhone throttling on phones which have old batteries. Earlier there was news in the market that Apply is planning to limit the performance on old models in which batteries are not giving the maximum performance. Apple new update of iOS 11.3 offers new battery health feature which offer the ability to disable the throttling. Another feature is the inclusion of 4 new Animoji characters namely, skull, dragon, lion and bear. You also get the notifications which iOS wants to have access to the personal data or it needs the permissions. Details of the features in this new update are as follows:

Improvement In Performance And Speed

All the iPhone users know that they witness remarkable improvement when they disable the throttling feature and speed and overall performance is enhanced. Lithium-Ion batteries usually lose the capacity when you complete more charge cycles. After reaching certain point, iOS earlier versions usually throttle the performance in order to deal with the unexpected shutdown which is annoying for many users. Phones continue to be throttled until the battery is replaced. In order to provide a solution, Apply now permits the users in order to disable the throttling and their phones are not slowed down. RAM management is also improved in this update which is also of interest to the users. iPhones were losing the batteries due to this RAM management issue but let’s hope that the new update will tackle this problem well.

Improvements And Enhancements In Augmented Reality

Apply offer newly opted ARKit 1.5 which allows the developers a chance to place virtual objects on horizontal and vertical surfaces. It certainly widens the scope to doors and walls. Support for the detection and integration of images is extended to provide the perfect augmented reality experience. Real world view and the perfect camera resolution offer more clarity. These enhancements have certainly helped developers to avail the numerous features and things.

Review Sorting

Customer reviews in the app store are of problem to some people. This iOS 11.3 feature let the people sort out the reviews for the app and they can easily weed out the reviews which are junk and meaningless. There are four options available to sort out the customer reviews on the apps/products pages which are classified as, most useful, most favorable, most critical and most recent.

Auto-Fill Of Usernames And Passwords

Auto fill feature was not available earlier on the older versions. But this new update can store the user names and passwords to auto full them on the websites whenever there is a need. Now you can make use of this automatic filling for your convenience and ease.

Auto Correct Capitalization Bug Removal

This bug has certainly bothered many users. It often happens that you make a spelling mistake and the auto correct didn’t catch at all. When you press the backspace button in order to clear query, then you keep doing the same thing and deleting the first letter of word. iOS keeps enabling the caps button without any user intervention. This is even done if word doesn’t start with a capital letter. Typing initiation let the first letter to be capitalized. This bug and error is removed in the latest update of Apple which is really a good move.