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Best 5 iPhone Apps to Make Free Ringtones

Iphone Ringtones

New ringtones creation is not an easy task on iOS, especially if you are a new user. Process is not easy like android and you do not find fully fledged apps. There are few iPhone ringtone apps on the app store, but you do not get able to export ringtones because of the Apple restrictions.  Most of these apps prompt you to synchronize the ringtones through the file sharing mechanism on the iTunes. If you don’t like the idea, then you can turn your favourite song in to ringtone. You need to have the right tools. Some of the perfect apps are as follows: GarageBand

Garage Band App

This app let you create a custom ringtone from songs and you can set it as iPhone ringtone without making use of the computer. My Songs browser in the GarageBand app in iOS 11 works with files app, and it allows you to make ringtones from music library and the ones which are saved in other apps or even the cloud services. You need to make sure that required and favourtie songs are present in the music library and you can access the files before taking a start. Procedure for making a custom ringtone is as follows:

  1. Start by launching the app

First, you need to launch the Garageband, and then tap the recent and the plus button. Select the audio recorder from instruments screen. Tracks view is enabled through tap on tracks icon and it can be disabled through tapping the metronome icon.

  1. Import favourite tracks

Timeline has 8 bars or the 16 seconds in length and duration can be changed by tapping the + button. You can import complete song by selecting Section A and turning the automatic option. Import songs by selecting the files from music library or other places in files app. You can also use audio files from third party apps through the use of files app.

  1. Trim your Music tracks

You need to adjust slider on both the sides in order to crop portion of the song. Ringtones have duration of 30 seconds maximum so keep track up to 15 bars in length. Drag finished portion to beginning of track. You can preview song by tapping the play icon and when you are done with editing, then tap arrow down icon on left corner and save the track.

  1. Save your Ringtone

You can find your song in recents tray. You can tap, hold and then release it for revealing the contextual menu options. 3 format options will appear to share song. You can tap ringtone to create custom ringtone. Name ringtone and then you can tap export and you will get ringtone export successful message.  You can go to settings app, navigate to the sounds and then haptics and ringtone. You can see you ringtone in the top of list for selection.

You can also delete custom ringtones. Select the share again and then tap on ringtone. Tap on your ringtones button and you will find all the exported ringtones. You can now swipe to delete all the ringtones which you don’t need.

If you can use iTunes, then you can make use of the following ringtone apps which are as follows:


Zedge Ringtones

You can browse and download plenty of ringtone for free through this app. This app also provides you the option to find sound effects and ringtones from favorite shows and games.


Ringtones for iPhone

This app offers 3 exciting and fantastic options for adding new ringtones to iPhone. You can trim your favourite existing songs in music library by making use of editor in app. You can record the voice or nature sounds and can make a personal ringtone for you.

Ringtones for Me

Ringtones for Me

You can find a large range and numerous ringtones, voicemail tones, text tones and alerts from this app. You get many exceptionally useful categories to choose the ringtones in this app along with all the features of Ringtones for iPhone.

Ringtone Designer 2.0

This app is a perfect one for creating custom ringtones, alerts, sounds, remarks and text tones from different sounds in the music library. Use fade in and fade out effects and adjust the length to make a perfect ringtone for you.

All these apps allow you to make ringtones. Everyone has his/her own preferences and they can make use of any one of these apps. Make sure you give a try to all these apps before choosing a one for you. You will find everyone different in its own capacity and select the one which can give you best advantage. These are the perfect apps for creating ringtones for iPhone for free as you don’t need to pay anything for any of these Apps. For your more queries or questions, feel free to ask and get assistance from the experts.