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8 Must To Know Exciting And New Android Oreo Features

android oreo

People who but the mid-range phones these days will get Android Oreo in their phones. Last year phones are receiving the updates for New Android Oreo 8.x. It is, therefore, necessary to have an understanding about the new features which are part of Android Oreo update. Although there are not many ornamental changings in Oreo and you may not feel any change from the previous version.

picture in picture

Feature 1- Picture in Picture

Nougat has offered apps with the native split screen. When you watch some video on VLC or Netflix then you can shrink it to floating window by using the home button. You can also check email and you can lay games during the video as well. This feature also works with the Facebook, Google maps, Google Play Movies and others. If you want to see apps which support this feature hen you need to search for the Picture in Picture option in the Settings App.

Oreo Autofill

Feature 2- Password Autofill

People who have used autofill feature in chrome know that Google offers a dedicated framework for the login details saving. Now you can have this feature in smart phones as well. This feature will let the Google to automatically fill the login and password details for the apps in use. You can also use different things like dashlane, 1Password and others as you are not limited to the Auto fill feature of Google. Once you save password then auto fill will ask you about the available user names and passwords.

notification channel

Feature 3- Notification Channels

This feature ensures that you only get the alerts and notifications which are top priority. You can set and sort notifications on the basis of important and multiple notifications appear at the various place. You can have complete control on the notifications through this feature of Android. In order to see whether you have this feature, you need to select the app from application information screen from settings, and then advance to notifications section you can find categories section. You can select importance and then you can choose between the urgent, high, medium and low options. Urgent notification notifies you through sound and pops up while low one will not appear.


Feature 4- Snooze Notifications

You can now see new clock icon when you swipe notification horizontally right next to icon of gear. You can easily find option through which you can snooze notification according to your preferred time span.

notification dots

Feature 5- Notification Dots

This is the feature which keeps you away from stress as it offer a little dot in bottom corner of any app which has pending or unread notifications. In order to see new popup, you need to tap on the icon and hold the icon in order to see all notifications. Android do not show specific number of unread messages like iOS platform.

Feature 6- Emoji Styling

Android emojis are under debate for different reasons. Sometimes due to the lack of coherent design, while other times due to confused text. Emojis in oreo are inessential detailed but they are gradient. Apple emojis are not open source and that’s why they cannot be used, otherwise they are better. Let’s hope that we will see better emojis very soon.

smart selection

Feature7- Smart Text Selection

Selection of text if difficult on touch screen on android and you don’t get it right mostly. Oreo made this process a bit easy. Oreo help you by selection of the important element and you also get the useful shortcuts in popup menu. Phone number and address gets selected to provide and ease. If you select any address you also get shortcut which can be opened using Google maps.

auto enable wifi

Feature 8- Wi-Fi Auto Enable

You get the wi-fi enabled automatically when your mobile is near the saved networks with high coverage. This feature is good as you get wi-fi on when you are near to the office or home. Mobile data will not be used more and you don’t have an extra bill. If you want to turn on the feature then you must go to the settings then network and internet then wi-fi and then you need to select the wi-fi preferences.

More Features

You get many changes and features in Oreo like many devices not get able to see an ambient mode. Google assistant in this update is very quick now and you also get an option for the support of adaptive icons. You have similar grey background on the quick settings and app of settings is simple and it has been perfectly redesigned to give a perfect feel. If you like side loading apps, then you have an option to approve installation of app on each app basis in the android Oreo. These are some of the features of android Oreo. You are definitely going to enjoy these features while using your phone with updates now.