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6 Best Things Of Google Pixel 2 In Comparison With Samsung Galaxy S9

pixel 2 vs s9

Google Pixel 2 and Samsung Galaxy S9 both are good quality mobile phones. Both have their own pros and cons and one precedes other in certain respects. Some of the phenomenal things which Pixel 2 does better than Samsung Galaxy S9 are as follows:

pixel 2 vs s9

Number 1- Pixel 2 Runs Android Better

Pixel phones are manufactured by Google and you can have the best android experience on these phones. Pixel 2 offers a speed and light weight experienced to its users and runs very smoothly to offer a perfect user experience.

pixel 2 vs s9

Number 2- Immediate Android Updates From Google Right After Release

Pixel 2 offers the latest android version and you also get security updates from Google right after their release. Galaxy S9 offers slightly old version and you have to wait for months for the update which is not the case with Pixel 2. Although S9 is more features rich as compared to the Pixel 2 but if you want latest android then you need to opt for the Google Pixel 2 phone.

pixel 2 vs s9

Number 3- Amazing Pixel 2 Google Home Screen

When you swipe right on the Pixel 2 then you gets the Google Home screen. You see Bixby home screen if you swipe right on the Galaxy S9. It is not possible to set Google Home to replace the Bixby home on S9. Google Home Screen offers much more usable options as compared to the Bixby screen on Galaxy S9.

pixel 2 vs s9

Number 4- Simple Yet Powerful Camera

Although Camera of Pixel 2 does not offer many whistles and bells but its Google software makes the results perfect as compared to other smart phones. It gives rich colors and dynamic contrast to offer the best photo and video experienced to the users. S9 on the other hand is better for low light shots and the zoomed photos.

pixel 2 vs s9

Number 5- Superior Fingerprint Sensor

Fingerprint sensor of Pixel 2 is very responsive, accurate and fast. It doesn’t need second attempt like Galaxy S9 in most of the cases. Everyone finds the need to unlock the smart phone many times a day so fingerprint sensor must be of good quality. If you want to use fingerprint sensor of high quality, then Pixel 2 is the ultimate choice for you. With Samsung Galaxy S9, you may have frustrating and inaccurate response from the fingerprint sensor.

Number 6- More Comfortable And Light Weight

Although Samsung Galaxy S9 offers premium and beautiful design but it is heavy. Google Pixel on the other hand is much lighter and it offers a good handling. Google Pixel 2 is more handy and comfortable device to handle because of its light weight.

Both Google Pixel 2 and Samsung Galaxy S9 have their own advantages and disadvantages and you need to do a detailed comparison to select one for you. If you look in to the above features, then you will certainly find Google Pixel 2 to me much better than Galaxy S9. But that doesn’t mean that S9 don’t offer remarkable features. It is also a premium device offered by Samsung so it is purely your own choice to make a selection between Google Pixel 2 and Samsung Galaxy S9.