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5 perfect Google Photos Alternatives


Google Photos is considered a perfect application due to its unlimited storage and smart Artificial Intelligence. It also offer built in photo editor but it has few shortcomings. You cannot save pictures offline on computer and manual organization is also difficult. Google also has privacy issues if you are particular about the personal data. You can easily look for the Google photos alternative and use other apps with useful features.


1. Ever and Shoebox Application

Ever and Shoebox offers you a great chance to get unlimited video and photo storage. You also get desktop app with this application and easily synchronize the images from computer and phone.  App is user friendly and it offers the free plans to shrink photos up to 10 megapixels. Shoe box is not an application for video storage as it offers less storage space. You can opt for the paid version if you want high resolution images and videos.

2. Cluster

It is an application which offers private albums with the controlled sharing. It is private photo sharing application which you can easily control access to the pictures. Some people can see the album whiles others cannot as their access depends on your permission.


3. Zyl

Zyl is an application which creates auto albums on the basis of meta data of the image files. You can also free the storage space and it offers built in image editor which help to crop, add filters, rotate and have frames.


4. Slidebox

Slidebox organize different albums with efficiency. It offers the tinder mechanism which allows you to quickly sort the photos in the various folders and the albums. You find it easy and fun to go through the different pictures according to your liking and avoid the photo management mistakes.

adobe bridge

5. Adobe Bridge

Adobe Bridge is an amazing photo organizer for the desktop. Google doesn’t offer any kind of desktop and you can only do backup and then synchronize the photo for the folders on hard drive. Adobe bridge is free and awesome application. It offers fast and efficient photo management tool which offer great features including batch resize, rename, HDR support, proper color management and panorama support along with the water marking.

These are the 5 applications which are free and they offer the high quality software. They offer great tools for the people who want the perfect apps for images and videos. Adobe Bridge offers you perfect tool if you are looking to transfer the photos from camera to the computer. You are going to get great use and efficiency from this application.  Google also has lot of features in its photos app and you can use any of these apps along with the Google photos. You can download all these applications and then find the most useful ones. Make sure to explore all the exciting features before deciding for one specific application. We have given you the best 5 apps which can help you to overcome the shortcoming of Google Photos. Now the choice is up to you to decide which one is the best.